Where do we obtain our marriage license?

Texas marriage licenses can be obtained from any county clerks office within the state.

Marriage licenses must be filed with the county that issued them within 90 days after you obtain them.

Texas marriage licenses are valid in any county throughout Texas.

You do not have to get married in the same county that issued your marriage license.  But you must file it with the county that issued it.

Couples must wait 72 hours after obtaining their marriage license before they can be married.

After your wedding ceremony, you can either mail your marriage license to your county clerks office or take in there yourself.  If you mail it in please allow 3 to 4 weeks for processing by the county clerks office.

The cost for your Texas marriage license will very with each county.

Harris County Clerks office


Montgomery county clerks office


Galveston county clerks office


Fort Bend county clerks office


Twogether in Texas


Do I need to bring our license to our wedding?

Yes.  The minister officiant will need to see the actual marriage license before your wedding ceremony can legally take place.

Do we both have to go to the county clerks office?

Yes you both have to go together to obtain your license, but not when you return to file it.

How old you we have to be to get married?

You must be 18 years old.

Do we need to take a blood test?

No, the State of Texas does not require a blood test for a marriage license.

What type of documents do I need to bring to obtain a marriage license?

Any type of government issue identification with your photo on it.